Gen2Wave Biometric Tablet RP70A BIO

The RP70A BIO is a versatile mobile device for identity authentication, combining biometric features for enhanced security.

The RP70A BIO is a specialized device designed for mobile identity authentication and registration. It integrates essential features such as an MRZ scanner, smartcard reader (contact or contactless), fingerprint sensor, iris recognition, facial recognition camera, 1D and 2D barcode scanner, and MSR capabilities. This multifunctional tool serves a wide range of purposes, from law enforcement, border control, and civil enrollment to elections and corporate ID verification.

Particularly valuable for businesses and organizations, the RP70A BIO offers fingerprint and facial recognition functionalities. By combining three biometric methods – fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition – within a single mobile terminal, it significantly enhances security. Operating on the latest Android platform, the device ensures both advanced security features and rapid 4G LTE connectivity. Its robust design guarantees safety and longevity during everyday usage, effectively streamlining the challenges associated with mobile ID authentication and registration tasks.

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