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Defect-free software is no more a dream! We make it a reality!

Introducing IDSoft Card Printing Software: A comprehensive tool for creating organization-standard ID cards. With a user-friendly interface, it offers diverse design options, including shapes and dynamic fields. The software’s Database Management Modules enable data retrieval for personalized printing in the specified layout. Compatible with various ID Card Printer brands including HID Fargo, Datacard, Zebra, and more. Available in three versions: Basic, Classic, and Professional, catering to different needs.

Our ID Card Printing Software offers three versions: Basic, Classic, and Professional.

  • The Basic version includes design tools, single/dual side printing, audit reports, and QR encoding.
  • The Classic version adds magnetic encoding and bulk printing to Basic features. It’s highly favored by customers.
  • The Professional version combines Classic and Basic features with design customization, auto card printing, and encoding for Mifare, Smart Cards, and U/V.

For an affordable yet feature-rich ID Card Printing or Badge Making software, trust IDSoft. It can be purchased with an ID Card Printer or separately, with our Technical team guiding you through the installation process.

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