HID Livescan Universal Cabinet

Criminal booking encounters demand solutions that can withstand the challenge of a high-pressure environment. That is why our livescan booking station cabinets are designed and purpose-built with toughness in mind. Made from heavy-duty steel, with secure computer storage, device options and ruggedized features, HID Livescan Cabinets protect your technology investments without impeding the enrollment/booking process.

The HID Livescan Universal Cabinet’s user control elements are arranged ergonomically to make the booking process as easy and safe as possible. The workspace surrounding the scanner provides an additional area for placing documents or connecting additional input devices, such as signature capture devices. Foot switch controls are conveniently located at both front corners.

Key Benefits

  • Ergonomic design, tailored to the needs of booking officers
  • Convenient layout of all user control elements and consumables
  • Locked physical protection for scanner, monitor, keyboard and PC
  • Long life, industrial-grade livescan cabinet designed for harsh environment
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