HID Guardian 200 Tenprint Scanner

Known as the industry leader in tenprint livescan capture, the HID Guardian 200 delivers performance, reliability and flexibility. Ideal for high-volume applications and capable of providing high-quality images at all times, the Guardian 200 tenprint scanner seamlessly integrates with HID Mission Oriented Biometric Software (MOBS), integrator-friendly HID BioCore Middleware SDK or HID L Scan™ Essentials SDK.

Key Benefits

  • Superior wet and dry print capture without recalibration
  • Intuitive instructions via illuminated pictograms
  • Intelligent capture functionality to ensure quality images
  • Rapid auto-capture to improve efficiency
  • Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) to determine whether a presented fingerprint biometric is genuine
  • Software: MOBS or BioCore (optional)
  • SDK support: L Scan Essentials (included)
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