HID EikonTouch TC510 Fingerprint Reader

The EikonTouch TC510 USB capacitive silicon fingerprint reader features enhanced usability and durability that is ideally suited for high traffic environments such as point-of-sale and multi-user applications.

The new compact design has improved finger guide ergonomics for ease of use offering LED feedback above the finger placement area for intuitive fingerprint enrollment, capture and verification.

The patented technology captures high-quality images for a wide range of fingerprints and provides liveness detection for quick and reliable biometric authentication. Our biometric identity verification solution provides enterprise customers and system integrators with a natural extension to security infrastructure, perfect for desktop PC security, mobile PC security, access control and other custom applications. For high-traffic applications, the Steelcoat® protective coating provides exceptional durability.

Key Features:

  • Steelcoat provides added durability for high-traffic applications
  • On-board processing for template generation, template matching and template storage
  • Encrypted USB communication
  • PAD (Presentation Attack Detection)

Designed for use with the DigitalPersona® Software Developer Kit (SDK) that provides flexible APIs to enable fast integration of the EikonTouch TC510 into a broad range of applications.

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