Alcatraz AI The Rock

Uniting facial biometrics, AI, and machine learning for heightened security, seamless access, efficiency, and legal compliance.

Introducing The Rock by Alcatraz AI: Elevate Your Access Control with DFSME

Step into a new era of access control with DFSME’s latest offering, The Rock by Alcatraz AI. This cutting-edge biometric reader redefines security measures, seamlessly integrating facial biometrics, AI, and machine learning. By partnering with Alcatraz AI, DFSME brings you a solution that not only bolsters security but also enhances efficiency, all while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Unparalleled Security and Efficiency

DFSME proudly presents The Rock, a revolutionary all-in-one device that stands as a testament to innovation in access control. By harnessing the power of facial biometrics, AI, and machine learning, The Rock creates an impenetrable fortress against unauthorized access, while also detecting and thwarting tailgating incidents. Efficiency is amplified as operations flow seamlessly, bolstered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

Compliance and Privacy at the Forefront

At DFSME, we understand the significance of compliance with biometric privacy laws and regulations. The Rock is meticulously designed to prioritize privacy, ensuring that sensitive personal data remains secure. With features aligned with BIPA, CCPA, and GDPR, The Rock empowers you to navigate the complex landscape of privacy regulations with confidence.

Seamless Integration for Zero Trust Environments

Elevate your security protocol with The Rock’s multi-factor authentication capabilities. DFSME seamlessly integrates this advanced technology into your existing framework, enhancing your zero trust environment. With The Rock, you can deliver multi-factor authentication at the speed of single factor, ensuring a robust defense against security breaches.

Simple and Efficient Implementation

DFSME makes adopting The Rock a breeze. Our experts ensure that The Rock seamlessly integrates with your access control system, eliminating the need for complex integrations. A single PoE+ connection powers and facilitates communication, making installation a hassle-free process.

Real-Time Secure Facial Authentication: Powered by advanced machine learning, The Rock offers instantaneous and accurate facial authentication right at the access point.

Tailgating Detection: Instant alerts for unauthorized access attempts, ensuring robust security against tailgating incidents.

Automatic Enrollment: Seamlessly onboard authorized users with automatic enrollment, eliminating administrative burdens.

Video at the Door: Integrated video capabilities provide visual confirmation of access attempts, enhancing situational awareness.

Existing Wiegand / OSDP Wiring: Hassle-free integration into your existing setup with compatibility for Wiegand / OSDP wiring.

POE+ Connectivity: Communications powered via a single Power over Ethernet (PoE+) connection, ensuring efficient data exchange.

Enterprise-Grade Networking & Security: Engineered for enterprise environments, The Rock incorporates top-tier networking and security protocols.

1FA & 2FA Hybrid Options: Flexible authentication with both single-factor (1FA) and two-factor (2FA) options to suit varying security needs.

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