HID Signo 40 PIV Reader

The HID Signo 40 PIV Reader is specifically designed for installations that require wall switch mounting, providing a seamless fit in such environments.

Built on the Signo platform, this reader is capable of reading any PIV-based card with a contactless interface and a Card Authentication Key (CAK) certificate when used in conjunction with the HID Global pivCLASS Authentication Module (PAM) or pivCLASS Embedded Authentication. The HID Signo PIV Reader maintains HID’s commitment to delivering best-in-class performance and meeting government specifications for high assurance. As part of an integrated solution from a trusted provider, it enables strong authentication, ensures FIPS 201 compliance, and offers exceptional versatility, power, and future-ready connectivity. With HID Global’s pivCLASS solutions, the U.S. federal government, government contractors, and other facilities can benefit from the widest range of trusted and fully interoperable secure identity solutions available in the market.

Key Features

Highly Versatile – Support for the widest range of PKI-Based FIPS-201 Credentials including PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC, TWIC and FRAC

Unparalleled Performance – As a component of the HID pivCLASS solution, Signo PIV readers meet the assurance level requirements defined in NIST Special Publication 800-116 and feature enhanced read-range and speed for faster card transactions

Connected to the Future – Signo PIV readers are compatible with legacy HID PIV Solutions offering investment protection while enabling a vast number of integrations with PACs head-end systems to provide flexibility and choice

Dimensions 80 mm x 121.5 mm x 19.5 mm (3.15 in x 4.78 in x 0.77 in) 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards supported Seos®, iCLASS SE, iCLASS®, MIFARE DESFire® EV1/EV2 and MIFARE® Classic 125 kHz contactless cards supported HID Prox®, Indala® Prox, Dorado® Prox, and EM Prox legacy contactless credentials Protocol Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) Wiegand Warranty Limited lifetime warranty (See complete warranty policy for details)

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