The HID OMNIKEY® 5025 CL is a user-friendly solution that simplifies access control processes. This versatile reader supports reading and writing to 125 kHz contactless tags and smart cards, including HID Prox® cards commonly used for physical access.

HID OMNIKEY 5025CL offers enhanced stability, durability, and compliance, ensuring reliable performance in various environments.

With full CCID support, the OMNIKEY® 5025 CL is compatible with PCs, as well as thin- and zero-client environments. Its sleek and modern housing, available in multiple color options, seamlessly integrates into diverse settings such as healthcare facilities and corporate offices, including production floors and representative areas.

Featuring tap-and-go functionality and a permanent “card-present” mode, this reader excels in contactless card environments, offering convenient and effortless access control. The HID OMNIKEY® 5025 CL is the perfect choice for organizations seeking an efficient and stylish solution for their access control needs.

Key Features

  •  Strong authentication: To computer, network or cloud
  •  Converged access: You can use your HID Prox building access credentials for logical access applications too
  •  Plug-and-play solution: The native CCID driver facilitates full support for traditional clients, thin and zero clients, as well as PC environments
  • Added usability and convenience: Loaded with smart accessories like the adhesive plate, screw mount and card holder, it allows you to stretch its usage beyond standard desktop operation
  •  Compact design: A revolutionary design makes it stand out in its category — it’s so compact that it could fit in your pocket
  •  Multiple design choices: Its small form factor and different color options fit today’s space-restricted work environments
  • Host Interface USB 2.0 full speed, Type A connector
  • Contactless Smart Card Interface HID Prox® 125 kHz
  • Driver CCID and PC/SC  driver support
  • Housing OMNIKEY® small footprint design, body light grey, cover in anthracite
  • Dimensions 2.32″ x 2.32″ x 0.45″ (59 mm x 59 mm x 11.4 mm)
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