The HID iCLASS SE® RK40 is a versatile card reader that is an integral part of HID Global’s iCLASS SE platform, providing adaptable and interoperable access control solutions.

HID iCLASS SE RK40 is specifically designed for multi-factor authentication door applications that require standard wall switch mounting. The iCLASS SE RK40 supports a wide range of credential technologies and form factors, including cards, fobs, and mobile devices. It can be easily configured to support HID Mobile Access®, enabling users to use their smartphones as secure access credentials. With its compatibility, multi-factor authentication capabilities, and easy installation in standard wall switch mounting, the iCLASS SE RK40 delivers a comprehensive solution for access control requirements.

Key Features

  • Adaptable The HID iCLASS SE RK40 offers robust multi-factor authentication capabilities, ensuring enhanced security for door applications. By supporting a wide range of credential technologies such as iCLASS Seos®, iCLASS SE, iCLASS®, MIFARE® Classic, and MIFARE DESFire®EV1, it enables organizations to implement multi-layered authentication methods for increased access control.
  • Powerfully Secure: Built on the iCLASS SE platform, the iCLASS SE RK40 incorporates the Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) data model. This advanced encryption technology provides an additional layer of protection for identity data, ensuring confidentiality and integrity, thereby safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Standardized Communications (OSDP) The iCLASS SE RK40 utilizes the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure communication between the reader and controller. This standardized communication protocol ensures secure and tamper-proof data transmission, protecting against unauthorized interception or tampering.


  • 3.3″ x 4.8″ x 1.1″ (8.5 cm x 12.2 cm x 2.8 cm)

13.56 MHz contactless smart cards supported:

  • iCLASS Seos® , iCLASS SE, iCLASS®, MIFARE® Classic, and MIFARE DESFire®EV1


  • Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) mode
  • Wiegand or Clock & Data modes
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